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Knife Edge Gate Valve

Knife Edge Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed and manufactured according to MSS SP81 to meet the worst working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power & Chemical Industries to handle Semi-Solids, Abrasive slurries, Dry-Ash, Chips, Fiber contents Pulps etc. The compact design of the Valves facilitate light weight, minimum space for installing, easy operation and maintenance. The compact Knife edged gate is manufactured from Stainless Steel Plates of various grades irrespective of Body material. The bottom of the gate is having Knife type edge which can cut through Semi-Solid or Paste type Pulp with possible fiber and Solid contents, Fly-Ash, Chemicals with solid contents and ensure smooth shutdown operation and tight shutoff. The Knife Gate Valves are available in wide range of Material. Trim options are available to suit individual requirements for various working conditions.



  • Liquids/Slurry Applications - Water and waste water, Abrasive slurries in mineral industries, Ash slurries in Thermal power plants, Chemical slurries in chemical process industries ,Pulp in paper plants, Sugar juice application in sugar industries.
  • Bulk Handling (Solids & Powders) - Pneumatic Conveying Systems in cement plants, Detergent powders, Polyester pellets, Fly ash applications, Boiler Bed Ash, Carbon Black powder, Coal Handling, Lime powder handling applications.
  • Gases Applications - Blast Furnace gases in steel industries, Pulverized coal fired applications in power plants, Oil recycling plants.

Types :

  • Uni-Directional (U-Series), Bi-Directional (B-Series),
  • Economical Series (CI), Gland Less valves (GL-Series),
  • Slurry Service Valves (SLUGATE Series)
  • Coal Mill Isolation Valve (ISOCOAL Series),
  • O- Port Valves, Bulk Handling Valves, Bonneted Valves,
  • Bonneted Pressure Seal Valves, Square et RectangularPort Valves.


Seating : Metal to Metal & Soft to metal.


Manufacturing & Testing Standard : MSS-SP-81, AWVVA C520-1 & V-TORK Standard (Customized)


Size Range: 2" to 60"

Material of Construction : CI / DI / WCB / CF8 / CF8M / CF3M / CG8M / SMO254 / Duplex 2205 & special Materials on request.

End Connection: Wafe, Lug & Double Flang.


Actuators : Hand Wheel, Chain wheel, Worm Gea, Pneumatic Cylinde, Hydraulic Cylinde, Motorized


Additional Features : Complete Automation, V-Port for throttling, Purging arrangement, Accumulator for emerge, shut off & wear resistant rings etc.